I have built and run highly successful Financial Services teams of all shapes and sizes. Having done that I can help you to make it work too.

Teams of people within customers offices, sales teams, account management teams, marketing and technical teams, new or old teams, small or large – a wide variation, but all high performance.

I enjoy getting the best out of teams I work with, whether that is building a team, taking a team through a period of change or developing high performance. I’ve experienced from both sides the good and the less successful change programs that some organisations employ to positively impact their business. I have seen that some plans do not translate into reality. I did this for over twenty years and found that what works has changed over the years.

How do we achieve results?

We arrange a scoping meeting to get crystal clear about your requirements and agree with you the plan to help. We identify the criteria for success – what would you be seeing and hearing when you had your desired outcome? We will then prepare a costed plan and course of action which, based on recent work, could include:-

  1. Leadership Development. A 6 month development programme for recently appointed managers including:-
    1. One day leadership training workshop
    2. Completion of 6 month development plan for each delegate
    3. Post workshop coaching support to embed learning and track development progress
  2. Leadership Mentoring. Mentored a recently appointed Company Director who had moved from being part of, to leading, his team.
  3. Communication – Developed a communications skills programme aimed at improving clarity, focus and productivity; supporting staff and enhancing written and verbal communication.macintosh-wright-1
  4. Leadership Skills program – to address problematic business areas:-
    1. Improve customer service
    2. Planning for the unexpected including scenario testing
  5. Identify and implement cost saving efficiencies through a whole team ‘Brainstorming’ project over three months
  6. Increase team autonomy by developing both people and processes over a 6 month period, allowing the Manager to reduce time spent with the team and assume additional responsibilities.
  7. Widen a team’s responsibilities through:-
    1. Identifying with key stakeholders a remit for the ideal team
    2. Review and restructure the team to fit that remit
    3. Develop the people and processes for the new structure and remit
    4. Manage the team through change
    5. Provide ongoing support to embed learning and new ways of working
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My Corporate background gave me many of the skills and disciplines I needed to run a successful business. I found that as I came in to contact with other small business owners they asked me to use those skills to help them with their own business success. We have now helped a number of business owners improve their businesses by unlocking the potential in their processes and developing their people to enhance their bottom line.

How do we do this?

An initial one day diagnostic where I establish what you would like to have happen in your business and what is holding you back. I will follow up within a week with a full report detailing my findings and recommendations and include a costed plan. Recommendations and additional services included in some recent diagnostic reports :-

  1. Operational Efficiencies – Identify and implement including managing the change process and preparing new procedural documents.
  2. Structure review (to ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time). Including recruitment of new staff and development plans for existing.macintosh-wright-2
  3. Identify development potential for each member of staff and recommend development plans including support on implementation (eg preparing and delivering training plan and/or providing coaching and mentoring).
  4. Time Management – train, mentor and support on time management
  5. Review marketing strategy, recommend changes and support implementation
  6. Review Customer Service levels – prepare customer feedback survey, analyse results.
  7. Develop leadership skills including training and mentoring.
  8. Business monitoring – introduce business planning and monitoring disciplines eg regular reporting and team meetings. Identify required key performance indicators and draft report template.

What we achieve – reduced costs, increased profits, reducing lead time to market.

If you’d like to explore how I can make a difference to you or your organisation then please Contact Us.
Explore how we can make a difference to your organisation