The Ten Positive Emotions – the practicalities of building a positive mental attitude.

The Ten Positive Emotions – the practicalities of building a positive mental attitude.

As a leader or in life, we often hear of the benefits of a positive mental attitude, but what exactly does that mean and how do we go about it?

Most of us know that the more positive our atitude, the more we get out of life.

But does being positive mean we have to walk around with big smiles on our faces and saying ‘Have a Nice Day’ to everyone we meet?

Even if we don’t feel like it?

The academics of Positive Psychology say not.

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes life worth living and their research has broken down positive emotions in to ten different types – looking at how each make us feel and act.

Ten Positive Emotions

Joy is when things are going well. It makes you playful and helps you build skills.

Gratitude is when you receive something you perceive as a gift. It makes you want to ‘pay it forward’ – give gifts to others – and develops your relationship skills.

Serenity is when you feel safe and sure and don’t have to make too much of an effort. It is something you savour and helps you see the world in a more favourable light.

Interest is when you experience novelty and mystery. It makes you want to explore and helps you develop knowledge and energy.

Hope is when you fear the worst but yearn for better. It makes you inventive and develops your resilience.

Pride is something you feel when you achieve something. It makes you dream big and want to go on to further achievement.

Amusement is when you share laughter and insights with others. It helps you build friendships and creativity.

Inspiration is something you feel when you see human excellence. It makes you aspire to excellence yourself, helping you build skills and morality.

Awe is when you are overwhelmed with greatness. It helps you absorb new things and see yourself as part of a bigger picture.

Love is the all-encompassing positive emotion and helps build bonds, trust, community and health.

So next time you think, either in business or in life, you may benefit from a more positive outlook, give some thought to which specific area might work best for you at that particular time.

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