About Us

We believe people, process and communication are crucial to success, we know that in business your first priority is profit. Our work is always focused on increasing performance and making efficiencies that directly translate to an improvement in your bottom line.

How we do it

We help you identify cost savings by unlocking the potential in your people, processes or communication using a variety of approaches from Consultancy to Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

Our experience and questioning techniques means that the time to embed change is shortened and creates robust solutions in a creative and non-directive way.

We measure success and agree a sustainability program to ensure new skills turn in to hard habits and get great results for you.

Who we are

Macintosh Wright is headed up by Business Efficiency Expert Allison Galbraith.

Allison’s background is leading teams within large Financial Services organisations. With extensive experience in working in national and international businesses ranging from large public sector and global corporations through to SMEs, which provides her unique perspective into what works best in your business.

Allison has been praised highly for her balanced approach: a forward, creative but pragmatic thinker, Allison is intuitive but measured, consistent but flexible, an excellent listener with a tactful ‘tell it like it is’ approach.

Never afraid to challenge the status quo, Allison’s greatest motivation is seeing organisations make change and get the success they deserve.


Our services include:

  • Bespoke coaching for teams, including developing performance and managing change
  • System and process reviews for increased performance
  • Developing crystal clear communication for increased performance
  • One-to-one work with business leaders to develop their capabilities

If you’d like Allison to help your business to success, call us on 07551303835, or contact us

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