Macintosh Wright are Leadership Coaching and Mentoring experts and work with businesses who want to develop the effectiveness of their leaders.


With a rich background in operational as well as coaching and mentoring experience, we can offer a variety of solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our focus is on managing the relationship between staff and profit and the style we promote is that of compassionate leadership, where we encourage our clients to take a holistic approach to getting the best out of those they lead.

and Situational projects

Working with you on real issues – using our wealth of experience to identify and help you implement the solutions which will ensure you and your teams are performing at their best


Work on your leadership skills to develop you, your team and the quality of work produced.


Help you test out new ideas with someone who has ‘been there and done that’ and develop your leadership style so that you stretch yourself to go way beyond your perceived potential

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    I am a different person at home and in the work place, I have confidence and have successfully taken on further responsibilities at work.


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